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We set quality above growth

Novoline feels obliged to the tradition of craftsmanship although many products are being made with the help of most
up-to-date technologies.
  Our great know-how out of the construction of prototypes and their further development until produce in series gives us
the possibility to develop and make optimal own light creations or characteristic ones for our clients.Our aim is to secure the continued existence of the Company as well as the further well-balanced expansion.

  Since the start it is our great concern to achieve first class results in all our fields. We don’t believe in mass
production but specialization of technical and functional perfectly produced lamps and light systems of above average
quality and very demanding on good design.Behind our products and services there is a Company that feels fully obliged to their clients.

Without light no colour

1676 physicist, Isaac Newton proved that white sunlight can be dismantled in the colours of the spectrum by means of a 3-squared prism.This spectrum contains all main colours i.e. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark-blue and violet. The colours are caused by light waves that are a certain kind of electromagnetic energy. Our eyes can only see light waves of 400 – 700 nm (nm = Nanometer).

Each spectrum colour has its own wavelength which can be determined exactly.The lightwaves as such are without colours. The colours come only into being in our eyes and in our brain. It is not completely clarified how these waves can be perceived and distinguished. It is a fact that each single colour arises from different qualities of sensitivity to light.A red bowl appears red because it absorbs all other colours of the light and only the red reflects. When we say the bowl is red it means in reality that the surface of the bowl has a certain molecular composition which absorbs all rays of light except the red ones.  












The bowl as such is colourless. It requires light to appear colourful. If you light up the bowl with a green light, the bowl appears black because the green light does not contain any red which could have been reflected.Thanks to today’s lighting technology it is possible to control and optimize the colour impression as well as the mood of the light.

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